Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Main Event, Nursery Progress, and a 31st birthday!

Lots of updates over the past three weeks! We've been staying busy between campus and planning for Bambina, so here are a few updates from our life in Lawrence these days!

We are sending out a newsletter soon, so more details about Main Event, our regional fall conference, will be included there, but it was a great weekend! On Oct 9-11, over 600 students from around the region descended on Kansas City, and it was fun to see many dear students that we've grown to love from other campuses from our summers in Florida. This is often the first time we see many of them since saying goodbye in July, and it's always a time filled with lots of hugs and squeals (at least from the girls!) The above picture is from one of the large group main sessions.

Bambina's nursery is progressing! The dresser and the crib are now complete, thanks to Jason, Daniel Petrosky, a KU student, and Jeff Burgess, the director of Campus Crusade for Christ, who all helped out in putting the pieces together! Below are some pictures of the progress, complete with our cat, Annie, helping out with the dresser drawers. We are getting closer to being ready for Bambina's big arrival!

KU was on fall break this past weekend, and we headed to Manhattan for a wedding of one of Jason's former K-State students. The reception was at a country club, so we took advantage of the beautiful landscape to grab a few pictures together as well as a recent view of the baby bump! The next day I did some "nesting" and decided that I've never had so much fun doing laundry! Just look at all those cute little outfits!

Finally, this past Tuesday was Jason's 31st birthday, and we had fun celebrating together, complete with the cake topper from his last birthday that he still has! (See blog posting from last year's birthday cake). This is a big birthday year as he officially becomes a parent at 31! We'll see if Bambina makes me a parent at 30 or 31...her due date is very close to my birthday so it could go either way!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bambina turns 30!

Our little girl, "Bambina", had her 30-week pre-natal appointment yesterday, on the 30th, and our doctor said she's doing great! This week, mom, dad, and baby are all 30! She's growing more active by the day, and it is such a joy to feel every little wiggle, squirm, and kick.
We also had our final birthing class last night at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, where we will deliver, and we both really enjoyed going through it together. We feel more prepared for the big day!
Below are the most recent baby bump pictures, taken last night after our class. We are standing in the room that will be Bambina's nursery, but we still have a long way to go before we'll be ready to post pictures of the final product. Stay tuned! (Notice our cat, Annie, in the background of one of the pictures. She is not sure what to think of all this baby stuff quite yet. All new toys for her, perhaps?)