Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Double Digits!

Elisabeth turned 10 months old on Saturday, October 9, so she's now officially double digits! At her nine month check-up she was in the 30th percentile for weight and only 9th percentile for height! She's a little bug! Don't tell her that though, because she's got big plans and is going big places! She currently will stand up on her own in the middle of the floor, unassisted, and does her "surfer" stance (as we call it!) We're just waiting for her to take a step any day!

During Elisabeth's tenth month we took Elisabeth to the Kansas City zoo, and she was joined by her cousin Abigail and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Laura. Our favorite animals were the meerkats, who, upon seeing Elisabeth, started scurring around and posing for the camera. They were putting on quite the show and were such a delight.

We also went to a fall festival in Baldwin City, just outside of Lawrence, hosted by some friends who go to our church, and Elisabeth picked out her very own pint-sized pumpkin. She also went on a hayrack ride, and of course Mom thought about how that was her first time to ride in a moving vehicle without her carseat!

This past weekend the Heartland Region for the Navs (Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa), hosted our fall conference, The Main Event, and it was attended by nearly 1,000 college students! What an impactful and life-changing weekend as these students had the opportunity to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, or maybe to begin that journey for the first time! Exciting stuff indeed. Below is a shot of our KU group:

Speaking of going deeper, "Go Deep" is the theme for the Jacksonville Summer Training Program for the summer of 2011, and Jason and I have accepted the role as program directors. Our family will spend the summer living on the University of North Florida campus, side-by-side with students and going deeper in our faith. This is also exciting stuff! Below is a picture of Jason and me in front of the Jax booth at the Main Event conference this past weekend:

I've been buying summer clearance items for Elisabeth and she already has two swimsuits for her summer in Florida. (-:

We continue to be grateful for your love and support!