Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three months old and first trip to Texas!

Elisabeth has been a busy girl since our last posting! She's managed to turn three months old, travel to Missouri for two Navigator conferences, and travel to San Antonio for spring break with the "big kids". (That's what she calls the college students!) She has stayed in two hotels and seen her fair share of I-35 between Kansas and Texas.

Our trip to Maryville, MO at the end of February included a student leadership conference with students from around the region, and then a staff conference for regional staff. We learned later that this was the first conference where all staff entities within a region gathered together, rather than just the collegiate staff. We met a neat couple involved with the military ministry and it was great to learn from them. The International President for the Navigators, Mike Treneer, spoke to both students and staff, and this was a refreshing time for all.

Our spring break to San Antonio was just last week and we traveled with around 70 students from around the region to work at Habitat for Humanity. They worked for three full days and had the final day to attend Six Flags Fiesta Texas. We were able to see a few friends while we were there, and are quickly learning that her sleep schedule is top priority. We're currently working on establishing better sleeping habits for her, and it's difficult but necessary. As I watch our cat sleep nearly all day, I marvel at how it seems like every other animal has no trouble sleeping, but we humans have all kinds of issues with it!

Elisabeth and Dad hanging out with the "big kids" in Missouri during campus time:

Our hotel room in San Antonio after a massive Sam's run to organize lunches for the group for four days:

Family picture at Friedrich Park in San Antonio where Jason and Kelley got engaged March 23, 2007! What a joyous blessing to have our baby girl with us now three years later!