Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Training

Every Spring we offer a five-week program for our new students called "Spring Training". Each week is hosted by a different family in the community, usually friends from our local church. As a family, they prepare a meal for our students and share a short testimony of their faith. As staff we then share on various topics over the course of the five weeks like: Who are the Navigators, what are our core values, etc. We also teach basic tools, such as "How to Have a Quiet Time" and time management. We've found this is a great way to build community and rapport, and at the same time help students understand more about what we're about.

This past Tuesday was our first night, and Elisabeth and I were able to attend for awhile before bedtime, which was fun for all of us. The family that hosted has a neat testimony of how God has given them a heart for Ethiopia. They've started an organization with an emphasis on adoption called Fields of Promise (www.fieldsofpromise.org). I felt so grateful that our young students have the opportunity to be influenced by such neat families!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two months and counting...

It seems like I just posted Elisabeth's one month old blog update and here we are, February 9th, posting her two month update! This past month has been an absolute delight, and Jason and I are loving being parents to our sweet daughter. It seems like everyday she is doing something new.

Month two highlights:

*First time to church (we made it to the early service and Sunday school! No nursery for her yet--it may be awhile until we let her go!)
*First time to social smile. A true heart melter! (-:
*First time to make cooing noises, and they are precious!
*First time to hold head up while on her tummy.
*First time to go to Nav Night.
*First time to attend our student leaders' meeting.
*First time to attend a Bible Study (the girls insisted that we come "interrupt" study every week!)
*First time to wear cloth diapers. I was a little nervous as to how the whole system would work, but we are enjoying it so much! So far we have tried just one brand, Fuzzi Bunz, and they are awesome!

She is growing so fast and we are loving every minute with her!