Sunday, August 21, 2011

End of Summer Adventures

(Downtown Jacksonville)

The Jax Summer Training Program finished well and strong, and we are grateful for the opportunity to lead an amazing group of students and staff. Pictured below is the group of women team leaders and staff that I had the privilege of meeting with every week for Bible study. This traditionally has been a highlight of the summer to grow with such an amazing group of women. I miss them dearly!

The cake that the UNF dining hall staff made for us on our final night--the "sand" is graham cracker crumbs! They took such good care of us and I miss seeing their smiling faces each night!

Elisabeth had quite an adventurous summer, as you can see in the pics below: trips to the zoo, the beach, Disney World, and Wycliffe Bible Translators! The last two excursions were during the Orlando weekend with the students, and Wycliffe is always a highlight for the students. Elisabeth had the opportunity to hear singing in Swahili and Spanish!

Jacksonville Zoo: (the day we went it rained in the late afternoon, so we had the opportunity to go back a second time for free!) Can you find the gator?

Disney pics:
I love how Elisabeth and her Daddy have the same stride in this picture, with new best friend "Pink Mimi" (aka Minnie) faithfully along for the ride:

Elisabeth wasn't sure about the princesses, but had fun meeting them anyway! The highlight was definitely meeting Minnie Mouse!

After our three day journey back to the midwest, Elisabeth settled in nicely and has enjoyed spending time outside in the mornings helping water the flowers and feed the birds. She's quite the little gardener:

We are excited about our big move to Texas next month, and our next blog update will include details of our new home.

Happy fall semester!