Monday, May 31, 2010

Beach Baby!

We arrived in Jacksonville, FL last Tuesday after two flights that went great with Elisabeth. She seemed to enjoy herself and even made friends with a flight attendant who nicknamed her "Smiley". It was cute to see her stop the beverage service to make faces at Elisabeth!
This past week Jason has been busy helping launch the Summer Training Program and preparing for all the students to arrive. On Saturday around 35 Team Leaders arrived and then tomorrow around 140 more students will descend on Jacksonville! It's neat to see the dorm come alive with excitment.
Saturday morning we took a short family trip to the ocean for about 30 minutes and Elisabeth was the Belle of the Beach! Below are a few highlights of her first trip to the ocean. She's wearing a sundress and sunglasses her Grandpa Kester bought her and a sunhat that her Daddy bought her. She was so cute that she was even turning surfers' heads as they ran by!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

First Mother's Day and Five Months Old!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day for the first time with Elisabeth Anne and on the same day we celebrated her five month birthday! The three of us traveled to Wichita to spend the weekend with family, and it was an extra special trip as Elisabeth met her Great-Grandma Kester for the very first time (see picture below). What a blessing to have four generations from one family together at the same time!

Elisabeth continues to amaze us with her development and the way she's constantly learning. One of her new feats includes rolling all the way over, and over, and over...we have to lay down a "landing strip" for her as once she starts to roll she just keeps on going until she runs into something! It's quite the amusement! She gets lots of praise and seems quite happy to have the attention! She has also started to reach for and grab at things, which is so sweet to see her interact with us. We took a trip to campus to take pictures with the beautiful red tulips in bloom, and Elisabeth looked so sweet in her matching red outfit.

This weekend is KU graduation and Elisabeth attended her first graduation party yesterday of one our dear students. In the picture below she is at the party with the recent grad, Sally, wearing her "future Jayhawk" t-shirt. A few weeks ago we attended a wedding of one our former students and Elisabeth made it through the entire ceremony!

We can hardly believe another school year has come to an end. We will head to Jacksonville, FL on May 25th for two weeks to help get the summer training program up and running. Coming up next month: photos of Elisabeth on the beach!