Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Bambina Bump

We are grateful and excited that our little girl is growing well! She turned 20 weeks a few weeks ago, which marks the halfway point until we get to meet her! We took a few baby bump pictures to document the halfway mark. She's been very active lately, much to my delight, and she's even been saying hello to her daddy at night before bed through some cute little kicks and jabs!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's A...

Elisabeth is going to have a baby sister around May 29th! I am so excited that she will have the opportunity to grow up with a sister. We had our big sonogram on Tuesday morning, and Elisabeth joined Jason and me as we watched and learned more about our sweet new baby. First and foremost, we are incredibly thankful that she is healthy and developing well. As the sonographer talked through what we were seeing on the screen, it was just amazing to marvel all over again at the intricacies of our bodies. She talked through the chambers of the heart, different vessels, the brain stem, her stomach, her was amazing to be able to see her organs in such detail.

We will have fun starting to plan for this little girl, and I'm excited to bring out all of Elisabeth's baby things to see what we can use. Elisabeth was born during one of the coldest winters in Kansas, and this little girl will be a South Texas summer baby, so she will get to have some of her own tiny little summer outfits. Fun fun!

We are grateful to God for this new blessing and addition to our family!

Elisabeth enjoyed holding her sign and posing for Daddy: