Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins and (un)Packing

It has been nearly a month since we closed on our home, and we have only a few more small boxes to unpack and organize. We have considerably more space than our previous home, so we will be filling it up over time. Meanwhile, Elisabeth loves having so much space to run around!

This is a picture of our new home from the outside. I couldn't wait to buy pumpkins, and Elisabeth loves patting them and talking to them any chance she can (except at 4 pm when they are so hot from the sun beating down on them. Yes, it's still 90 degrees here...we're not in Kansas anymore!)

We had great help unpacking the moving truck from some local Navigator staff and a few students, as well as my faithful aunt and uncle who live in Fredericksburg, about 45 minutes away. A few snack breaks helped get the job done smoothly!

Elisabeth had so much fun seeing many of her toys that she hadn't played with in five months. Here she is, in her jammies, hanging out with some of her new-found friends. Happy girl! Later, she decided to climb in the bucket herself!

A few weekends ago we took a family field trip to the Pipe Creek Pumpkin Patch on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Our pumpkin patch attempt last year failed (click here), so I was determined to get Elisabeth to a real pumpkin patch this year! She had a great time! We already had our two big pumpkins (I bought them at Walmart, not exactly a pumpkin patch!), so we let her pick out an "Elisabeth-sized pumpkin" which she loves to carry around.

This is her with her "Elisabeth-sized pumpkin" from last year. My how she's growing up!

We even took a hay ride, which was fun because the pumpkin patch is also a Christmas tree farm. We rode through the rows of Christmas trees and contemplated whether or not we'd come back and cut down a real tree or buy an artificial one. We're still undecided. Any thoughts?

It's great to be back in San Antonio, and we are excited to continue to settle in. We do, however, miss our Kansas friends and family and love getting updates from up north!


Adam Keesling said...

Fake tree. Much cheaper over the long run if you plan to hang on to it.

Anonymous said...

welcome back to texas :) let's introduce elisabeth to key lime pie soon!