Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Forty Weeks and New Blog Site

Today is our due date and our sweet little one seems cozy for awhile longer. We are so excited to meet her! Above are the latest (and perhaps final) bump pictures taken over the weekend.

In March I began experimenting with a new blog site that was more user-friendly for posting from my phone, since I'm rarely on our laptop. (Hence, very infrequent blog posts!) I wanted a blog where I could post photos and videos easily from my phone, mainly to keep our long distance family up-to-date on the daily adventures of our family. Over the last few months I've posted nearly 60 entries on the new blog, so I've been incredibly happy with its ease of use. I won't be posting to this blog anymore, but we will keep it around in the event we find another use for it. For now, feel free to visit our new family blog on Tumblr at:

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